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File:Ability divine-shield.pngFile:Air Elemental (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Air Elemental (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Air Elemental - Transparent - 600x800px.pngFile:Alric Stormbringer.pngFile:Alric Stormbringer (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Alric Stormbringer (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Angel of Light (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Angel of Light (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Angel of Light - Transparent - 600x800px.pngFile:Animated Corpse (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Animated Corpse (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Animated Corpse - Transparent - 600x800px.pngFile:Armor.pngFile:Blast.png
File:Cerberus (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Cerberus (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Cerberus - Transparent - 600x800px.png
File:Chromatic Dragon.pngFile:Chromatic Dragon (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Chromatic Dragon (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Chromatic Dragon - Transparent - 800x600px.pngFile:Clay Golem (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Clay Golem (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Clay Golem - Transparent - 800x600px.pngFile:Crustacean King (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Crustacean King (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Crustacean King - Transparent - 600x800px.pngFile:Death (Black) - Dark Eternals - MorTis.pngFile:Defender of Truth (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Defender of Truth (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Divine Healer (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Divine Healer (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Dodge.pngFile:Dragon (Purple) - Gloridrax - Draykh-Nahka.pngFile:Earth (Green) - Anumun - Lyveria.png
File:Earth Elemental (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Earth Elemental (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Elemental Phoenix (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Elemental Phoenix (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Enchantress of the Night (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Enchantress of the Night (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Feral Spirit (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Feral Spirit (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Fire (Red) - Ferexia - The Burning Lands.png
File:Fire Beetle (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Fire Beetle (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Fire Demon (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Fire Demon (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Flesh Golem (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Flesh Golem (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Flying.pngFile:Frost Giant (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Frost Giant (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Frozen Soldier (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Frozen Soldier (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Giant Roc (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Giant Roc (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Goblin Shaman.pngFile:Goblin Shaman (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Goblin Shaman (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Goblin Sorcerer (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Goblin Sorcerer (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Gold Dragon.pngFile:Gold Dragon (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Gold Dragon (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Group Heal.pngFile:Haunted Spider (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Haunted Spider (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Haunted Spirit (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Haunted Spirit (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Heal.png
File:Health.pngFile:Inspire.pngFile:Kobold Miner (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Kobold Miner (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Life (White) - Khymians - Khymeria.pngFile:Lightning Dragon.png
File:Lightning Dragon (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Lightning Dragon (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Lord.png
File:Lord of Darkness (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Lord of Darkness (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Lyanna Natura (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Lyanna Natura (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Magi of the Forest (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Magi of the Forest (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Magic Attack.pngFile:Magic Reflect.pngFile:Malric Inferno.png
File:Malric Inferno (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Malric Inferno (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Medusa (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Medusa (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Melee Attack.pngFile:Minotaur Warrior (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Minotaur Warrior (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Mischievous Mermaid.pngFile:Mischievous Mermaid (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Mischievous Mermaid (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Naga Warrior (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Naga Warrior (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Peacebringer (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Peacebringer (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Piercing.png
File:Pirate Captain (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Pirate Captain (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Pit Ogre (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Pit Ogre (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Poison.pngFile:Protect.png
File:Ranged Attack.pngFile:Resurrect.pngFile:Retaliate.png
File:Rexxie (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Rexxie (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Sabre Shark (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Sabre Shark (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Screaming Banshee (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Screaming Banshee (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Selenia Sky.pngFile:Selenia Sky (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Selenia Sky (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Serpent of the Flame (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Serpent of the Flame (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Serpentine Soldier (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Serpentine Soldier (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Shield.pngFile:Silvershield Knight (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Silvershield Knight (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Silvershield Paladin (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Silvershield Paladin (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Silvershield Warrior (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Silvershield Warrior (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Skeleton Assassin (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Skeleton Assassin (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Slow.pngFile:Sneak.png
File:Snipe.pngFile:Speed.pngFile:Spineback Turtle (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Spineback Turtle (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Spineback Wolf.pngFile:Spineback Wolf (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Spineback Wolf (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Spirit of the Forest.pngFile:Spirit of the Forest (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Spirit of the Forest (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Stone Golem (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Stone Golem (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Stonesplitter Orc (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Stonesplitter Orc (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Stun.png
File:Swamp Thing (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Swamp Thing (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Thorns.png
File:Trample.pngFile:Twisted Jester (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Twisted Jester (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Tyrus Paladium (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Tyrus Paladium (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Undead Priest (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Undead Priest (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Void.pngFile:Water (Blue) - Azmare - Azmare Islands.png
File:Water Elemental.pngFile:Water Elemental (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).pngFile:Water Elemental (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Weaken.pngFile:Wiki.pngFile:Zintar Mortalis (Gold Foil) (Alpha) (215x300).png
File:Zintar Mortalis (Regular) (Alpha) (215x300).png
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